LOK Studio

Sridhama Pandharapur is one of the prominent holy places of India and its sacredness is noted in the Puranas, with many saints and sages singing its glories. This place is the transcendental abode of Lord Visnu on earth. It is against this venerated landscape that the exclusive LOK.STUDIO is currently under construction. Located in the beautiful campus of ISKCON Pandharpur, and situated on the banks of the sweetly flowing Chandrabhaga River, the studio which is currently under construction, boasts the state of the art online digital communication.
Designed by legendary studio designer, John H. Brandt, the spacious acoustics promise to be unprecedented. Various components in the construction of the studio have been aligned and integrated to create spacious spiritual sound vibrations.

It is envisaged that this studio will be an invaluable asset in offering a varied program of events which will include online courses, Drama Soundtracks, Live Streaming Festivals, Audio Books, Kirtan Albums, and more!