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World Holy Name Festival 2021

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This is your hub to support your chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra in japa and kirtan, learn instruments, kirtan practices, kirtan standards, Sanskrit pronunciation, and much more.

Let us educate, enliven and empower you on your spiritual journey, in your service to the holy names.

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Ekadasi Sravana-kirtana Festival

Ekādaśī Śravana-kīrtana Festival, a new add-on to the list of events at the Kirtan Ministry is celebrated every fortnight…

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In this newsletter you will find activities that have taken place, upcoming events, inspirational moments, japa affirmation, interesting facts and much more…

Chant With ISKCON Kirtan Minister

Join hundreds of devotees who are absorbed in chanting the holy names and strengthen your japa everyday in association with ISKCON Kirtan Minister, Lokanath Swami…

World Holy Name Festival

This seven-day annual festival is for all those who wish to completely immerse and absorb themselves in the divine and powerful presence of the holy name. Become part of a sankirtan… 

Upcoming Events 

03 September

Aja Ekadasi Sravana-Kirtana Festival View Here

14 September

Srimati Radharani Appearance (Fasting till Noon)

17 September

Parsva Ekadashi Sravana-Kirtana Festival View Here

Chant and be Happy

Japa Inspiration

Just like if there is some epidemic, disease, and if you take vaccine, is is supposed that you are freed from the contamination.

So this vaccine of chanting Hare Krishna Maha-mantra will keep you fit without any countamination of this age of Kali.

~ Srila Prabhupada