About Chant for Peace

An Initiative of ISKCON Communications in conjunction with ISKCON Kirtan Ministry.

ISKCON India Chant for Peace Starts Now.

5 / 6 March: There will be a unified presentation along with ISKCON Pray for Global Peace amongst Humanity.

That will be a continuous program – 24 hours a day in different time zones.


  1. Importance of chanting for peace in the world.
  2. All centers should take this up.
  3. Download banners and images for social media and also print out flexes from
    a. https://iskconkirtanministry.com/chant-for-peace/
    b. https://iskconkirtanministry.com/global-chant-for-peace/
    c. https://iskconkirtanministry.com/prayers-for-peace/
  4. Activities include;
    1. Harinam Sankirtan (print out banners and signs)
    2. Kirtan Mela
    3. Nagar Sankirtan
    4. Home programs with more chanting
    5. Japa – increase rounds
    6. Fortunate People – Shoot a video of someone chanting and upload to our website:  https://fortunate-people.com/
      1. Contact:  Svarupanand Prabhu:  Phone and Whatsapp:  ‭+91 98992 40558
    7. Utilize the Press release that will be provided by ISKCON Communications via HG Yudhistir Govind Prabhu.
    8. Post your photos, videos and live streams to our ISKCON Kirtan Ministry social media:
      1. https://www.facebook.com/ISKCONKirtanMinistry/
      2. bit.ly/Worldwideprayersforpeace
    9. Send photos and reports to: Contact@iskconkirtanministry.com
    10. Tentative time frame:  March 4 – March 18 (Gaura Purnima)